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IM Magic Partition Creator V2.0.0 This is a very good software. By using this we can edit the disk drives i.e. creating of new drive from unallocated space or Break a drive into different New Drives Download Google Sketch-up 8.0.14346 Google Sketch up is a software by using this you can create different designs and paint them.

Sutdown Monster This is a very Good software. In this software you can set a specific time and choose whether the computer goes to shut down or sleep or hibernate mode etc. after that specific time. This is useful when the work will progress in computer and we have to go somewhere. In this case by using this software we can set a estimate time and after that the computer is gone to different as you selected.
Download Smart Pc Locker Download PS1 game Emulator  This is a PS1 emulator software. By using this we can play any ps1 game from ps1 game disk or CD image directly. Download Battery Alarm This is a Amazing software for Laptops. Generally Laptop Battery ar…

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PDF to Word Converter This is a very good software. This software is use to convert PDF file to Word File. There are many softwares which convert PDF to Word but there are many demerit in them. But here it convert the PDF file as it was an Word file. The processing of this software is good. Very easy to use. So download it and enjoy. Download

Window Desktop Locker

This is a software by which you can lock your desktop screen easily. By using this software you can stay relief when you go to outside by keeping the computer on. So this is a very good software by using this you can protect your desktop from unwanted users. Download
Advanced Office Password Recovery V 5.0 This is a very good software. The name of the software is Advanced Office Password Recovery. The office file contain, word, excel, powerpoint, access, outlook, publisher etc. All these file can be encrypted with password by users. but sometime users forgot their password by which they so many problem. But now you can y…